Talent Concept

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People  oriented everybody wasallowed to display his talents fully

The talents’ personal background matching the company’s job requirement are the best talents. The company is eclectic in the talent introduction, and strive to findthe best position for every employees, fully display their  expertise and strengths, make the employees'personal career planning and the company’s development goals consistent.


Tiremanufacturing industry experience

Practical experiencein tire manufacturing and tire equipment manufacturing industry as one of theimportant reference selection. You familiar with tire manufacturers and tireproduction process equipment research and design, equipment installation,commissioning work experience are our primary consideration.


Agree with the company's values, philosophy
In the eclectic selection of talent philosophy, be tolerant to diversity, extensivelyto recruit talent needed is the Personnel Policy of a rapid developing company,talent from different work backgrounds have formed their own methods of work,culture, etc., the people who identity ??company's corporate culture, values??,philosophy will be fully considered



Good team spirit is the necessary awareness and capacity to success of a scienceand technology enterprises that developing fast. At the same time you also needto take the good communication skills, professional ethics and maturepersonality into account.